Comprehensive label vision systems

SureLabel is a powerful and flexible inspection system designed for packaged products with unique labeling.  SureLabel inspects labels on all types and shapes of containers that are oriented at the point of inspection. Examples are ‘banjo’ containers, such as those used for salad dressings, ‘sqrounds’ used for ice cream packaging, pizza boxes, tubs, pouch style containers, and many more.

SureLabel primarily verifies that the correct labels have been properly applied to the container or that the expected pre-printed packaging has been used.  The number of cameras and inspections used is very flexible, which allows including other inspections along with the label verification.  For instance shrink-wrap tamperband inspections and foil lid perforation inspections can be seamlessly integrated.

SureLabel is delivered as fully-integrated turnkey hardware/software label vision systems that will ensure correct product presentation in the marketplace.  The system is a safeguard against potential recalls due to mislabeling and it will reduce rework time and processing headaches for production by catching problems early and in process.

SureLabel label vision systems are deployed directly on the packaging line and will detect:

  • Incorrect labeling
  • A missing label
  • A poorly applied label (location, skew, etc.)
  • When an incorrect carton, container, or lid has been used
  • Presence or legibility of printed expiration codes on packaging
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  • Verification and inspection of consistently-oriented labeled or pre-printed containers
  • Verification and inspection of round containers if the single identifier is a 1D or 2D barcode
  • Support for single or multi-camera applications
  • Encoder-based part tracking
  • Secure access in the form of multiple log-ins, passwords, and permissions
  • Event logging to create an audit trail for log-ins, log-outs, package changes, and inspection recipe configuration changes
  • An inspection recipe creation and management system
  • Automated inspection recipe uniqueness testing to confirm that each trained inspection recipe is unique
  • Reporting of session (run) statistics to a .csv file at the end of a product run
  • An easy-to-use interface to configure and load the packaging inspection recipes using:
    • A drop-down menu in the GUI
    • A barcode scan on a printed work order or traveler to automatically load the expected inspection recipe
    • A network message/command to load the inspection recipe as directed

  • NEMA-4X and IP-67 Protection in wash-down environments
  • Supports up to 9 cameras
    • Color or monochrome cameras
    • Various area scan camera resolutions are available from 640 X 480 to 6600 x 4400 pixels
    • Line scan cameras to 16K and larger sensors
    • 3D vision sensors
    • Thermal cameras
    • Wavelength-specific image acquisition
  • Multiple LED lighting configurations depending upon the inspected product
  • Biometric (fingerprint) security access
  • Fool-proof height adjustment mechanism for the top camera configuration to allow for multiple product variations
  • Singulator to ensure proper 1-container spacing to provide 360 degree inspection of round containers
  • Centering device to guide the container through the center of the inspection point
  • Multiple rejecter technologies available
    • Air blow-off
    • Pneumatic “punch”
    • Guide to another conveyor or reject table for re-work
  • Data analytics

  • Area scan, Infrared, UV, and Line Scan Camera Capability
  • Touchscreen friendly operator level usage
  • Cooled via fan or vortex
  • Opto-isolated I/O via Allen Bradley PLC
  • IQ/OQ/PQ Documentation Package (upon request)